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The province of Central Java, around the city of Jogyakarta, is the most famous part of Java and is, in fact, its cultural centre. This is in part because of the presence there of a variety of religious influences-Buddhist, Hindu, and other indigenous beliefs, which resulted in the construction of the impressive temples of Borobudur, Prambanan and the Dieng temple complex.

Borobudur templeBorobudur Temple
Borobudur is located at South of Magelang, Central Java, 10km north west of Yogyakarta. Overlooking the fertile valley of Magelang and facing the volcano Merapi, 40 km north from the province of Jogjakarta, stands a breathtaking monument that was built during the 8th century by the Bouddhist dynasty of Sailendra.

This is the most prestigious monument in Indonesia, and the world’s largest Buddhist temple. The different levels of the monument symbolizes the different levels of wisdom we have to go through during life until reaching the enlightenment of Buddha, symbolized by the spectacular upper terraces.

Borobudur was built by Sanmaratungga in the 8th Century, and belongs to Buddha Mayahana. Borobudur was revealed by Sir Thomas Stanford Raffles in 1814. The temple was found in ruined condition and was buried. Nobody know how this very big temple could be buried by hundreds years. But, in the villager near the temple source, the temple was burried by the lava from Mount Merapi, one of the most active mount in the world. So, there weren’t any people could find it. [ read history... ]

PrambananPrambanan Temple
Perhaps the finest temple complex in Indonesia, Prambanan is a ten-century old Hindu temple. This temple is dedicated to the Hindu God Shiva, locally called Candi Loro Jonggrang, which means 'slender virgin.' From an architectural point of view this beautifully sculptured spire, fifty meters high, indeed resembles a 'slender virgin.' Like the Buddhist stupa Borobudur, Prambanan was abandoned when the Buddhist and Hindu Javanese inhabitants moved to East Java. (read more...)

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